We are looking for new EVS for Summer 2019

We are looking for new EVS for Summer 2019

We have an open call for EVS from SPAIN, ITALY, BELGIUM and ESTONIA at the moment for a project that will start on the 12th of May and last for six Months (short description below).


Short description of the project

The volunteers do their project in Fjardabyggd in East Iceland. They will work as a team under the supervision of the project manager of the organization. They will be involved in preparing, organizing, running and evaluating environmental and sustainable projects. Those projects are organized with international volunteers and usually last for 10 – 12 days. The volunteers will organize workshops during the projects in the field of environment and sustainability. The workshops include cleaning coastlines, planting trees, making hiking paths. We will also focus on topics, such as “food waste”, “recycling” and “renewable energy” which are very important for the planet.

Veraldarvinir is involving children in secondary school in activities focused on environmental conservation and awareness. To do this, Veraldarvinir aims to organize awareness weekends in Fjarðabyggð. The weekends will consist of a cleaning up day activity, and then a conference on the cleaning up activity with the participation of interested people and learned specialists in the current field. This activity will take place every two months.

The volunteers will also have the option to help with the following tasks:

  • Updating the website of the organization www.wf.is and social medias
  • Coordinating and preparing the newsletter of WF Iceland.
  • Updating our database on brochures/reports/trainings/seminars/others.
  • Preparing and distributing documents concerning different activities.
  • Working in the office, with computer and usual modern facilities.

The volunteers can visit and/or participating in other environmental workcamps in different regions in Iceland if they are interested.

Working hours: The working hours are 9 – 15 Monday – Friday. During the workcamps the volunteers are asked to share their free time with the rest of the group, such as going to the swimming pool, playing cards, listening to music, cooking and having dinner and going for walks. All depending on the field of interest of each volunteer.

At the beginning of the project, they will receive qualified training from the organisation members. This training will capacitate them to perform the projects´ activities, which vary between leading workshops, cleaning beaches, planting trees, cutting lupine and different kinds of environmental-related tasks to taking care of environmental awareness campaigns and sustainability. At the same time, will receive guidance in how to plan, organize and lead the projects, including topics as group management, conflict resolution, bookkeeping, development, leader roles, inter cultural cooperation, motivation, etc. They will also receive practical information about planning a project, spare time activities, first aid, etc.

During the project, they will learn a lot about environmental awareness, sustainability and of course about leadership. Veraldarvinir is involving local children in activities focused on sustainability and environmental awareness. The volunteers will go to the local schools and kindergartens in Fjarðabyggð with short courses about sustainability.

The volunteers are getting in touch with the different culture as well and can learn about cultural diversity by experiencing it in environmental or cultural projects. It’s a magnificent opportunity for volunteer and organisation in broadening perspectives and meeting another culture. The mutual fertilization of volunteer and organisation is an idea we really like and appreciate. We will work together in a young and stimulating team. The volunteer project associates to the regular activities of our organisation and contributes to the development of the local community.

At the end of the project the volunteer will receive a Youth Pass certificate.

Veraldarvinir gives preference to candidates with the following profile:

  • enthusiastic and dynamic personality
  • willingness to learn the Icelandic language
  • independent and eager to take initiative
  • with interest in the fields of sustainable living, environmental protection, art education or youth work
  • flexible and responsible


WRITE US TO workcamps@wf.is