The East of Iceland


Camps in the East of Iceland


Scoured by Ice Age glaciers, the dramatic east coast boasts long, narrow fjords with steep sides and
jagged peaks which contrast with inland fertile farmlands. Natural harbours depict postcard-like fishing villages and
seemingly never-ending roads cross the region, providing beautiful views. This is one of the best places in Iceland to see
the northern lights (Aurora borealis).

“Fjarðabyggð” is an association of villages in the Eastern fjords of Iceland. It includes the towns of Eskifjörður,
Fáskrúðsfjörður, Mjóifjörður, Neskaupstaður, Reyðarfjörður Breiðdalsvík and Stöðvarfjörður, all tiny fishing villages with
steep mountains towering just behind the houses. In this area, you will see some of the features that make Iceland a
unique place in the world: spectacular fjords with a rich sea life, a great variety of birdlife and countless breathtaking
hiking paths.