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The North of Iceland


Camps in the North of Iceland


The village of Raufarhöfn is the community that lies farthest north in Iceland. It is located in the eastern
part of Melrakkasletta close to the Arctic Circle. The population of Raufarhöfn is about 200 and most of the people there
earn their living from fishing and fish processing. The harbor is very beautiful and partly shaped by nature itself. A wide
and untouched open area surrounds the village with a lot of birds and varied vegetation. In summer you will observe wild
migratory birds within the village being a part of the village life with the villagers most often waking up in the morning to
the songs of birds. The coastline with its inlets and creeks is filled with driftwood and reaches out into the Arctic Sea.
Away and on the surface of the sea various sea-birds will be spotted and an occasional seal. On the beach waders strut
and inland on the grassy moorlands there are dozens of lakes filled with trout. In the vicinity many species of ducks,
waders and species that favor heaths and moorlands may be observed. Near to the village you can find the Arctic Henge
which is a peculiar thing.