Worldwide Friends

ESC Volunteering Projects

This information applies to every project mentioned above:


We want to bring up some fresh ideas that can help the young people and the organization to improve the way that we treat mother earth. The main purpose of the projects is to raise the awareness about sustainability among the young local and international people in their daily life. The volunteers will work with international people and will be participating in different activities: workshops, managing data, beach cleanings, leading camps, educational sessions, and more…




Volunteers will be staying in the houses of Worldwide Friends. The houses are fully equipped with several dormitories each. Each house has fully equipped kitchens, several bathrooms, common areas, workshop rooms, and galleries. Volunteers need to bring their own sleeping bags, but beds and sheets are provided. Wireless internet access is provided free of charge.


Food is included for the duration of the workcamp and everyone is expected to do their fair share of the cooking and cleaning. We provide a well-balanced and healthy options of food products that includes a wide variety of whole grains, seasonal fruits & vegetables, pantry staples, dairy products, vegetarian/vegan options. Since it is always nice to try new and different dishes, volunteers are encouraged to bring along their favourite recipes (and spices) from home!


You can apply directly in the ESC website.