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A day tour to the South Coast

Join this tour along Iceland’s south coast to discover its stunning glaciers, lava fields, volcanoes, strong rivers and waterfalls. You will also see an amazing black beach.


If you participate in one of the workcamps you have the possibility to sign up for for this excursion. This will take place in one of the days during the work camp. Your leaders can answer all your questions and will take care to plan it in the schedule. 



60 meters high waterfall in a lovely location, surrounded by cliffs and green slopes. You can take a walk on the footpath leading right behind the waterfall. Remember to take a jacket… it’s a bit wet. In wintertime, the trail behind the waterfall can be closed.

2. Skógafoss

Waterfall itself is 60m high and 25m wide. According to legend, the first Viking settler in the area, firasi fiórólfsson, buried a treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. On fine days, when the sun is shining, people say that his gold is glittering through the water. Many have tried to find the chest and once a young man succeeded. He tied a rope to its ring and pulled. He only retrieved the ring, which was later used for the church door at Skogar. Now it is one of the pride of the Skófar museum.

If you want there is a possibility to walk to the top of the waterfall, it’s a 15min steep hike on stairs.


3. Sólheimajökull Glacier

Sólheimajökull is an outlet glacier of the mighty icecap of Mýrdalsjökull on the South Coast of Iceland. Our stop here will be at the viewpoint. Solheimajokull glacier is one of the two largest glaciers closest to Reykjavik. Solheimajokull sits along Iceland’s south coast between two active volcanoes, Katla and Eyjafjallajokull. The massive tongue of ice spills over from the immense Myrdalsjokull ice cap. Bright blue ice fissures and crevasses of Solheimajokull glacier stretch a distance of 8 km (about 5 miles) long and 2 km (roughly 1 mile) wide.

Under no circumstance should anyone attempt to walk Solheimajokull glacier without a guide.


4. Black Beach (Reynisfjara)

According to legend, the Reynisdrangar needles were formed when two trolls were trying to drag a three-masted ship to land, but daybreak overtook them before they could reach the safety of the mountain, they turned to stone. The needled can be seen clearly from the village of Vík or from Black Beach. They are 66m high. They are named Skessudrangur, Langhamar, and Landdragur. We will walk for a while along the Black Beach under basalt cliffs. The cliffs are home to countless puffins, kittiwake, and fulmar, you can see them hunting for fishes taking off from nests.

Do not go near the water!


For this excursion, we ask an extra fee of 80 euros. This is to pay for the fuel, driver, parking, etc.


Iceland is a place where the weather can change every 5 minutes. 

  • Hiking boots are recommended because the weather can change very fast it’s possible it’s muddy in some places. 
  • Bring a raincoat it can be windy and cold at the waterfall.
  • In case of heavy rain or strong wind, the places of interest can be reduced. (The decision is up to the driver)