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Hengifoss, Stuðlagil Canyon & Vök Baths

Discover the unique sites in the east of Iceland!


If you participate in one of the projects you have the possibility to sign up for this excursion. This will take place on one of the days during the project. Your leaders can answer all your questions and will take care to plan it in the schedule.

What you will visit:

1 . Hengifoss waterfall

Hengifoss is the third-highest waterfall in Iceland, 128 meters. It is located in Hengifossá in Fljótsdalshreppur, East Iceland. It is surrounded by basaltic strata with thin, red layers of clay between the basaltic layers. 

A fairly light, yet steep, walk of about two hours. The hike up to Hengifoss is rated 2-3 in difficulty.


2. Stuðlagil Canyon

One of the world’s most enchanting basalt rock formations. Enjoy a view that’s out of this world at this incredible natural wonder in Iceland! The canyon is located in the upper part of Jökuldalur Valley in East Iceland. This rolling valley is known for its many sheep farms. Don’t be surprised if you come across a fluffy flock during your canyon hike!

Until recently, Stuðlagil Canyon was under the radar for visitors and locals alike. The canyon was completely submerged under the river Jökla. A few years ago, the water level of the river fell and revealed the canyon in all its glory.

The river Jökla was once so fierce that it divided Jökuldalur Valley into two parts. Farmers and villagers on either side were completely cut off from each other. To solve this problem, locals built a dam across the river, causing the water level to fall. 

The dam was controversial because of its negative environmental impact. Still, without it, the canyon would have never been discovered.

The Jökla is now a force of clarity and color. Previously, the water was sourced by glacial sediment, turning it a murky brown color. Now the river is fed by the crystal-clear waters of Hálslón Reservoir. As a result, the waters that flow through Stuðlagil Canyon are vibrant turquoise. 

3. Vök Baths

Iceland is famous for its geothermal activity. However, East Iceland is normally not associated with geothermal heat and considered a cold spot. This makes Vök Baths an even more unique attraction. Throughout the centuries, people living around Lake Urriðavatn noticed certain spots on the lake that curiously did not freeze during winter. The Icelandic name given to these ice-free patches is “Vök” (plural Vakir).





Price of the excursion:

For this excursion, we ask an extra fee of 100 euro. This is to pay for the fuel, driver, parking, etc.

Nice to know:

Iceland is a place where the weather can change every 5 minutes.

  • Hiking boots are recommended because the weather can change very fast it’s possible it’s muddy in some places.
  • Bring a raincoat it can be windy and cold at the waterfall.
  • In case of heavy rain or strong wind, the places of interest can be reduced. (The decision is up to the driver’s responsibility.)
  • Don’t forget your swimsuit!