Educational tours

EDUCATIONAL TOURS: environmental theme 9 or 10 days

Iceland’s round trip with an environmental focus on sustainable living! You will travel along the ring road and visit many of the island’s natural wonders while learning about environmental sustainability and participating in volunteering activities in the Eastern Fjords.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS: adventure theme 8 days or 14 days

Discover Iceland’s otherworldly volcanic landscape on a multi-day hike in the country’s less traveled Highlands region. To top it off, you will travel around Iceland, stopping on its most popular sightseeing places. This tour shows you the ever-changing scenery of the Icelandic countryside, through mountains and valleys, with volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, hot springs and waterfalls. You will visit the tree spectacular Icelandic National Parks and experience the very best of Icelandic culture.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS: art theme for 9 days

Expose yourself to a wide variety of different art forms while discovering Iceland. Round tour in which you will learn about Iceland´s thriving arts, work with different mediums and take nature as your inspiration.