The first UNA magazine 2017

Dear volunteers and partners in Iceland and all around the World Here is the first UNA magazine in 2017 – enjoy it    

Journalism and photography in the East

Natural harbours mean picture-postcard fishing villages and seemingly never-ending roads cross the region, providing beautiful sweeping views by Matthieu Dambreville. 

Journalism and photographing

East of Iceland – Journalism and photographing 07/03 – 19/03 2014 Preview of part of Emiliano Jatosti photographic work on Iceland!!! Frozen Shadows

How we have lived in Iceland since 2009.

”Una” is an Icelandic girls’ name. It is derived from the Old West Norse verb una”to enjoy, be happy with, be content.” In Old Danish it has the meaning ”to be satisfied, to be happy.” In Iceland it is associated with friend. Una magazine winter 2009  

Journalism and Photography

It’s a pleasure showing you the great work of our workcamp “WF17 – Journalism and Photography”. Eight incredible volunteers and our two coordinators made this awesome guide to Iceland and its secrets in only two weeks. The UNA magazine is the result of their amazing work. Hope you enjoy reading!

Happy Worldwide Friends

Enjoy the video of our last workcamp in Eskifjörður! “The volunteers of the Icelandic organization WorldWide Friends produced and realized that video. They wanted to show to the world their happiness. — We were 15 volunteers working on that project. For two weeks we have live all together. We laughed, we had fun, we’ve been …

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