WORKCAMP WF330: christmas in the house of the hill 23/12/19 – 02/01/20

Hey there! It’s Fernando from Mexico and if you let me I want to share you few things about my experience in Iceland in Christmas in the house of the Hill volunteering.

Well, I spent this Christmas and New Year season in Iceland with one World Friends group and it was awesome, from day one to the last one I had fun and great time, for sure it was one of my top 5 life experiences.

What did I do?

  • I taught my camp leaders how to dance Cumbia (Mexican dance).
  • I learned how to cook dishes from Italy, Japan, Korea, China, India, Germany and Rusia.
  • I sang in an Iceland karaoke pub.
  • I went to the golden circle and south coast excursions.

And even more…

Stuff that I learned? Four

  • 1 You always learn something new.
  • 2 Fellowship with people around the globe is change life experience.
  • 3 Make good memories about your life’s experiences it’s essential.
  • 4 Have fun all the time cause that’s is going to make you smile in the future.

I’m so thankful for this time with my new friends.

-Fernando Nava