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Aurora hunting and Renovation in the East of Iceland

Available January to the 15th of April 2019

Peace and Children's rights in the Eastern Fjords

New workcamp for 2019!

Summercamps 2019

Adventure camps for teens 15 to 17 years old

LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE in a wonderful nature with peace orientated activities.

Pack your things and join us here in Iceland. We offer voluntary programs in cooperation with local communities and non-profit organizations & associations located in Iceland. We also give a helping hand to local festivals in the island.
  • Winner of the Video Contest 2018

    WF Photo&Video Contest 2018 - Elena Zanca wf316

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  • Stodvarfjordur

  • A new adventure awaits you

    WF Photo&Video Contest 2018 - Roberta Russo

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    Posted by Worldwide Friends, Veraldarvinir on Föstudagur, 21. desember 2018
  • Journalism and photographing in Reykjavik

    Journalism and photographing in Reykjavik
    Every year WF Iceland hosts hundreds of international volunteers participating in projects all around the island. WF Iceland publishes a magazine called UNA, where people can read about the life of the organisation.

    Renovation and Aurora hunting in East of Iceland

    Renovation and Aurora hunting in East of Iceland
    During this work camp volunteers will deal with different tasks related to renovation and maintenance of our houses in the east of Iceland. The work will depend on the skills and knowledge of each volunteer, but focuses mainly on tasks such as painting, cleaning, fixing small things, and acquires basic knowledge of carpentry and construction. During winter in Iceland the accommodations are prepared for the summer. This camp is extremely important for us and for our summer volunteers. In addition to the work, winter in Iceland also means AURORA HUNTING. If you like photography, having an amazing time with friends from all over the world and the northern lights, this camp will suit you perfectly. We will be on the lookout for Aurora Borealis at night throughout the whole camp, so that you will have the opportunity to take photos of this amazing and unique phenomenon. It is very important to bring your camera with you (only cameras that work in long exposure will catch those lights), so don’t forget your tripod and camera. The photos will be of your personal use, but we will also keep the best photos and use them in our brochures, on the website and on social media.

    Hveragerði – Health and Environment

    Hveragerði – Health and Environment
    The name Hveragerði means ‘hot springs garden.’ Geothermal energy is Hveragerði’s lifeblood, and you probably won’t find such a natural wonder in the middle of a populated area anywhere else in the world.

    Peace and children’s rights in the Eastern fjords

    Peace and children’s rights in the Eastern fjords
    This camp focuses on human rights education activities that will be carried out by the WF volunteers in schools in East Iceland. The aim of this camp is to increase awareness about human rights among elementary school aged – children and early adolescents through a non-formal education approach

    Discovering Icelandic landscapes

    Discovering Icelandic landscapes
    During the workcamps you will have the opportunity to discover Iceland in winter by travelling around in the south and the west

    Voluntary work

    It is a privilege to get the chance to live inside another culture, take part in its day-to-day life, and get to know its people and their way of thinking. Voluntary work has been a part of almost every civilization and society. To work voluntary is an enriching experience, and already gave many people a powerful sense of personal fulfillment and growth.